Vision Statement

WFCP’s Vision Statement: To be the Principal International Network for Colleges, Institutes and Polytechnics.

The World Federation of Colleges and Polytechnics (WFCP) is a member-based organization which brings together colleges, polytechnics, university colleges and institutes of professional education from all continents. Members are typically national and regional associations of institutions of applied higher education, individual institutions, NGOs or organizations representing the sector. WFCP is led by the country’s representative body of colleges, institutes or polytechnics.

The World Federation of Colleges and Polytechnics (WFCP):

  • Is a forum for members to learn from each other and to share ideas and information;
  • Is an international voice representing 37 members worldwide ;
  • Advocates on behalf of colleges, polytechnics and similar institutions by raising awareness of their contribution to human resources development;
  • Promotes linkages with the international business community.

WFCP’s mission is based on the fundamental principles for which every member should stand:

  • Students success and access to education are the members’ core principles
  • Respect of divergent opinion and freedom from political interference.
  • Colleges, Institutes and Polytechnics are dedicated to the well-development of individuals, communities and nations, and foster international cooperation
  • Colleges, institutes and polytechnics education reinforce citizenship
  • Colleges, institutes and polytechnics provide students with knowledge and competencies required to work, innovate and fully integrate society
  • Ecological conscience and respect for future generations

The overall goals of WFCP are to:

  • be the international voice of colleges, institutes and polytechnics
  • link its Members, offering them quality services, networking and collective action.
  • advocate for colleges, institutes and polytechnics in public debate and to outside partners.
  • provide a platform for its members to learn from each other and work on collaborative projects
  • foster linkages between employers and colleges, institutes and polytechnics

These complementary goals are pursued through collective action, including conferences and meetings, information services, policy discussion, research and publications.

By encouraging Members to work together, WFCP

  • Facilitates the exchange of experience and learning and fosters cooperation;
  • Defends the core academic values and principles of colleges, institutes and polytechnics worldwide
  • Upholds and contributes to the development of a long-term vision for colleges and polytechnics
  • Enhance and advertise the role and responsibilities of colleges, institute and polytechnics in society, worldwide;
  • Voices the concerns for colleges, institutes and polytechnics with regard to policies of international bodies such as UNESCO, the World Bank and others;
  • Contributes to a better understanding of current trends and policy developments through analysis, research and debate;
  • Facilitates students and faculty exchanges
  • Provides comprehensive and authoritative information on higher education systems, institutions and qualifications worldwide.