Affinity Groups

Affinity Groups are an essential element of the World Federation of Colleges and Polytechnics (WFCP). The groups bring together members of WFCP to share and learn about topics which are especially relevant to professional, technical and vocational education and training.

Each Affinity Group is organized by a member association or college with support from one or two other associations or colleges.

Purpose of Affinity Groups

The Affinity Groups are designed to create a forum for the sharing of challenges and best practice from across the network of WFCP members. Each group can organise itself to suit the topic and its size but primarily the purpose is to:

  • raise challenges relating to the Affinity Group topic
  • facilitate experts to provide leading thinking on the topic
  • share leading practices
  • create opportunities for members of the Affinity Group to support to each other
  • promote and publish key findings to help build the body of knowledge relating to the topic.

These will vary over time as an Affinity Group matures.

This handbook provides information and guidance to those who are leading an Affinity Group or thinking about establishing one. The handbook sets out the steps to establish and thereafter conduct an Affinity Group.

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