Message from the Chair

Welcome to the World Federation of Colleges and Polytechnics (WFCP), the united voice of professional technical education and training across the globe. Our membership consists of both individual higher and further education institutions and associations who represent colleges, institutes and polytechnics. All of us are united by the mandate to prepare students for complex professional, technical and vocational roles in an ever-changing society so that they can emerge as leaders and innovators in their chosen professions.

Post Covid our world has changed and governments throughout the globe are recognising the need for professional technical education and training, who will shape their future economies. WFCP is a global family who enables its members to share best practice to benefit its students, staff, leaders and institutions. We work together to strengthen the voice, recognition and the value of professional technical education and training around the world.

We aim to be a resource for member institutions to meet their strategic, national and international objectives, an international forum to facilitate the sharing of the latest in applied education research, and a strong advocate for joint initiatives and for linking institutions and the business community.

The emerging challenges in global employment markets, evidence the behaviours, skills and knowledge needed by all our students which will in turn need new forms of learning. All of this is rapidly changing our social, cultural and economic climates in so many parts of the world. Together we can work collectively to help ensure the best possible outcomes for all our students as they become the entrepreneurs, leaders and workforce of tomorrow.

The WFCP is headed by an international Board, representing the various regions of our world. They reflect the differing educational structures and systems of its members. As colleges, institutes and polytechnics across the world we are all facing similar issues and can greatly benefit from greater collaboration in achieving solutions and sharing best practices.

The WFCP engages in a number of activities, including coordinating affinity groups and publishing the World’s Best Practice Guide – a resource for professional and technical education practitioners to learn from award-winning projects, institutions, and individuals. The hallmark of the Federation is our annual congress, to be held this year from April 23-25 in Montreal, Canada.

The WFCP is positioned as a global leader to work with policymakers, decision makers and institutions to prepare for the skills needs of the future. The international gathering attracts large numbers of experts and professionals in the field of professional and technical education and training from all continents who wish to celebrate excellence in professional and technical education and training.

I look forward to seeing you at our 2023 World Congress where we can interact, share and learn from each other. We will also be celebrating our award winners from our awards of excellence, so make sure your entry was submitted to gain the global recognition you deserve.

Enjoy exploring our website and the benefits of the World Federation and if you are not already a member join today and help influence our future!

With warm regards,

Dawn Ward

Dawn Ward

Chair, World Federation of Colleges and Polytechnics (WFCP)

Chief Executive & Principal Burton and South Derbyshire College

Dawn Ward
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