Indigenous Education

The Indigenous Education Affinity Group provides input on advocacy priorities and positions related to Indigenous education and skills development. It is a forum to enable leaders and Indigenous education practitioners of associations, institutes and affiliates committed to professional and technical education and training (PTET) to support each other and build capacity to serve Indigenous learners and communities in every country.

This Affinity Group advises on the issues related to Indigenous education in PTET around the world and provides input on position and research papers related to Indigenous education and skills development. This Affinity Group also identifies recommendations to the WFCP membership on how to advance Indigenous education in PTET, provides guidance for the development of Indigenous education events and meetings, and promotes the role of PTET in Indigenous education.

The Indigenous Education Affinity Group comprises leaders and members of PTET that have in place Indigenization strategies and systems or would like to establish them and learn from others who have more expertise in the field

To join the group, please fill out the Affinity Group application.

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