World Congress

Due to the exceptional situation around the world arising from COVID-19, the WFCP Congress 2020 schedules for October has been cancelled.

WFCP is still committed to hold the WFCP Congress. Due to the expected economic impact in addition to the population health consequences of COVID-19, WFCP will hold over the Congress till 2022. The date will be announced later in the year.

The WFCP 2020 Awards of Excellence are still being assessed and the Board of WFCP is exploring ways for virtual announcement later in 2020. Any proposals to present to the Congress and any registrations will still be considered for the Congress when a revised date is set. New submissions for speaking will be opened when the new date is set.

We appreciate your understanding and support, and we reinforce the request from health authorities to take all preventative measures to prevent the spread of the virus.

This is an important time to work as the community committed to technical vocational education and training. We plan to issue updates through the WFCP monthly newsletter Dispatch. We also hope to establish some online communities, so we can chat about important priorities for WFCP and TVET, so we all come out of this crisis better informed and prepared to deliver to the students and communities we serve. Please follow the WFCP news by subscribing to updates.

Warm regards and best of health to you.

The previous World Congresses and the host organizations are:

  • 2020 World Congress: Donostia-San Sebastián, the Basque Country, Spain (Tknika, the Basque Country, and the Association of Colleges, the UK) – cancelled
  • 2018 World Congress: Melbourne, Australia (Technical and Further Education (TAFE) Directors Australia)
  • 2016 World Congress: Vitória, Brazil (Conselho Nacional das Instituições da Rede Federal de Educação Profissional, Científica e Tecnológica (Conif))
  • 2014 World Congress: Beijing, China (China Education International Exchange Association (CEAIE))
  • 2012 World Congress: Halifax, Canada (CICan)
  • 2010 World Congress: Birmingham, UK (Association of Colleges (AoC))
  • 2008 World Congress: New York City, USA (American Association of Community Colleges (AACC))
  • 2005 World Congress: Dubai, United Arab Emirates
  • 2002 World Congress: Melbourne, Australia (TAFE Directors Australia (TDA))
  • 1999 World Congress: Québec, Canada (Colleges and Institutes Canada (CICan) [formerly Association of Canadian Community Colleges]