Affinity Groups

The WFCP’s Affinity Groups are formed around shared interests or common goals and are designed to give members a space to collaborate and exchange best practices in their areas of expertise. Each group is led by at least one organization represented on the WFCP’s Board of Directors. WFCP considers Affinity Groups to be highly important as it allows members to foster partnerships and learn from the organization’s vast global membership network.

The Federation’s Affinity Groups offer unique opportunities to rapidly develop common innovative solutions by pulling together the best minds from our rich and diverse membership.

The WFCP’s Affinity Groups are:

  • Green Colleges, led by TDA and supported by CEAIE
  • Applied Research and Innovation, led by TKNIKA and supported by AACC through Northeast Regional College (Nebraska)
  • Student Services, led by Qingdao Technical College in China
  • Leadership Development, led by Post-Secondary International Network and supported by CICan
  • Higher Technical Skills, led by AoC and TDA
  • Access to Learning and Employment, led by CONIF
  • Entrepreneurship, led by Colleges and Institutes Canada through Loyalist College (Ontario)

If you wish to join a WFCP Affinity Group, please email the Secretariat.