In Retrospect Series: A Student's Experience at the 2023 World Congress
Friday, June 16, 2023

Student Experience- Prabhdeep Kaur of Southern Alberta Institute (SAIT) Canada

Attending the WFCP World Congress 2023 and the Youth Camp on sustainability and sustainable happiness was an extraordinary journey that left an indelible impact on me. I had the unique opportunity to participate in these events and engage with a diverse community of global leaders, educators, and young change-makers. The WFCP World Congress was a significant gathering where sustainability and the future of education were discussed. It offered a forum for creative debates and information exchange on innovative approaches to education, competency-based education, and work-integrated learning. The congress emphasized the critical role that education plays in influencing the future and the importance of working together to meet the challenges of a world that is changing quickly.

The chance to sign the World Forum Document was one of the WFCP World Congress’s highlights. I became a member of a worldwide community dedicated to advancing excellence, diversity, and sustainability in education by signing this paper. Being a part of this global initiative to enhance education and workforce development was an honour. It was equally exciting to attend the youth camp on sustainability and sustainable happiness. It brought together passionate young leaders dedicated to creating a more sustainable and equitable world.

The Youth camp’s main objective was to explore the relationship between sustainability and happiness, with a focus on the value of holistic well-being and the part that young people can play in bringing about positive change. During the camp, I engaged with enthusiastic participants who shared their ideas and initiatives on sustainable development. The camp promoted teamwork and critical thinking while enabling young leaders to make a difference in their communities. It was a fantastic opportunity to experience the youth’s enthusiasm and passion and share in their motivational journey. Overall, the WFCP World Congress and the Youth Camp provided a profound learning experience. They emphasized the value of education, sustainability, and community and individual well-being. The knowledge gained and connections made at these gatherings will surely influence my work as I attempt to help those who are trying to build a more sustainable and happy world.


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  Students applaud at the Awards of Excellence Ceremony


The World Federation of Colleges and Polytechnics organizes a World Congress every 1-2 years. The international gathering attracts 1000+ experts and professionals in the field of professional technical education and training from all continents. The WFCP 2023 Congress was held in Montréal, Canada, from April 23– 25, 2023. Hosted by Colleges and Institutes Canada, the Congress’ theme of ‘Collective Intelligence’ resonated with the amazing host city, Montréal, renowned as a hub of cultural, environmental, social and artificial intelligence!

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