In Retrospect Series: A WFCP Board Member's Experience at the 2023 World Congress
Tuesday, June 13, 2023

The World Congress 2023 provided leaders and practitioners in the Technical Vocational Education and Training (TVET) sector with opportunities to collectively explore trends and issues and share insights best practices, and experiences. In addition, educators and institutions were duly recognized for being leaders in a variety of areas.

As a board member of WFCP, I am indeed pleased with the quality of presentations, workshops, and exhibitions that were on display over the three days in Montreal. These activities promoted the importance of sustainability on a global scale. The thought-provoking discussions highlighted strategies, trends, and issues in technical and vocational education. Further, the opportunities for policy-makers, industry leaders, and educators from around the globe to network were enormous.

Through Youth Congress, the young learners were not only given a voice but an opportunity to be heard. The passion, commitment, and leadership displayed by the Youth Camp attendees confirmed WFCP’s commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusivity. My heartiest congratulation to Team Canada for hosting Congress 2023. A job well done.

I look forward to seeing you all in Jamaica, West Indies for Congress 2024. This event promises to be an exciting blend of activities to promote the sustainability of TVET and to enhance networking and collaboration for the good of mankind. Team Jamaica welcomes you for an Edu-Tourism experience to remember! Yeah Mon, Irie!


Photo of Dr Powell Wilson giving an address at the Awards of Excellence Ceremony
Photo of Dr Powell Wilson giving an address at the Awards of Excellence Ceremony


The World Federation of Colleges and Polytechnics organizes a World Congress every 1-2 years. The international gathering attracts 1000+ experts and professionals in the field of professional technical education and training from all continents. The WFCP 2023 Congress was held in Montréal, Canada, from April 23– 25, 2023. Hosted by Colleges and Institutes Canada, the Congress’ theme of ‘Collective Intelligence’ resonated with the amazing host city, Montréal, renowned as a hub of cultural, environmental, social and artificial intelligence!

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