WFCP Launches Global Statement Calling for a Global Coordinated Response to the Covid-19 Pandemic
Thursday, November 11, 2021

Read the statement here.

The World Federation of Colleges and Polytechnics is pleased to announce the launch of our first ever ‘Global Statement’ calling on all vocational, professional and technical education and training institutions from around the world to coordinate an education, training and skills offer that speeds up economic and social recovery following the Covid 19 pandemic.

The statement was launched at the TKNIKA International VET Congress in San Sebastián, Spain on Thursday 11th November by WFCP President Dawn Ward to over 1000 vocational and technical education professionals from around the world.

The statement highlights the importance of professional, technical and vocational training in reshaping economies and ensuring that a post pandemic global landscape has the requisite skills, knowledge and competencies to rebuild the global economy increasing its resilience for the future.

In talking about the statement WFCP President Dawn Ward CBE said: “Covid 19 has disrupted the world impacting nearly all aspects of everyone’s lives. Significant lives have been lost and families have sadly been changed forever. This devastation, however, has not only been health related. Economies have suffered and sectors globally have all been hugely impacted by the pandemic. Our research shows that globally 144 million jobs were lost and 1.6 Billion informal sector workers had their livelihoods impacted by pandemic related closures.”

She continued: “Professional/Technical Education and Training can help readdress and reverse this impact. PTET providers around the world can up and re-skill current and future workers for the post pandemic world. PTET is a key enabler and driver of long term prosperity, it drives innovation and develops the workforce to meet future skills needs. Such an approach will also ensure that there is global PTET alignment to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals reducing poverty and hunger, improving wellbeing and the quality of education and will drive the agenda for decent work, economic growth and will support innovation and infrastructure in industry”

The Global Statement suggests 6 priority areas where PTET systems globally must adapt in their response to the pandemic and 10 recommendations for PTET providers, Governments and other skills related stakeholders.

Read the statement here.

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