Message from new WFCP Chair, Dawn Ward
Sunday, September 19, 2021

It is a great honour to take over the role of Chair of the World Federation of Colleges and Polytechnics. As a Board member it has been humbling to see and hear of the wonderful work that our members deliver for their students, businesses and the communities they serve. As a diverse Board representing our global membership, we are collectively committed to serving you, our members.

We recognise and value how much we can all share and learn from each other to benefit our students and staff; the businesses we work with (from small medium enterprises to large multi nationals); the communities we serve and the influence we can have collectively on our governments, funders etc. Covid-19 has brought many hardships across the world but it has also rapidly enhanced our technological reach, enabling us to connect, engage and learn at a time that professional technical and vocational education and training is needed more than ever to help rebuild all of our countries’ economies.

Our affinity groups, which were established for this purpose, are a great way for educators and leaders to come together. If you have not yet participated, please do as everyone has something to contribute. Equally if you think there is a gap for a new affinity group, please let us know. We also hold regular webinars on a variety of topics which are highlighted in our newsletter Dispatch and on our website, so make sure to note when they are and also put forward topics for future ones.

I have personally seen first-hand the growth in students and staff who have had the opportunity to participate in global interaction. Our world is a small place and many businesses in each of our counties are multi-national. There is great benefit to our students of learning about the business culture of the main shareholder. In the past we were all often restricted by finance to engage internationally but now we can freely interact through technology, however where possible if funding allows it’s wonderful to send our students and staff to other countries.

Our outgoing Chairman, Craig Robertson, has done so much for WFCP and I would like to acknowledge his tremendous commitment, passion and support that he has provided throughout his Chairmanship. I have learnt a great deal from Craig throughout the time I have worked with him both on the Board and through the sub committees I have served on. He has been a great role model for me and with the support of the WFCP Board I will strive to serve all of our members ensuring the ongoing success of WFCP.

All of us at WFCP wish Craig much success and happiness in his new role as founding Chief Executive Officer of the Victorian Skills Authority (VSA) and send our heartfelt thanks for all he has done.

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