Join our Cyber Security Affinity Group
Friday, June 11, 2021

The World Federation of Colleges and Polytechnics invites you to join our Cyber and Data Security and Social Engineering Affinity Group.

The Cyber and Data Security and Social Engineering Affinity Group, led by Burton and South Derbyshire College (UK), will utilise in-country networks to feed labour market intelligence (LMI), employer views and industry practice into the group to help all members keep up to date with leading practice and approaches in the industries.

The approach will involve, for instance, UK industry patrons who are leading industry experts in these fields to hold a webinar with related affinity groups members providing the UK perspective of trends and developments in these industries and the skills and competencies required to make those seeking to secure employment within them a success.

Many of WFCP members around the world work with multinational employers who could potentially see benefit from the sharing of best practice, whilst member institutions could gain value in tendering for work by learning from a global perspective about these companies. It could lead to joint applied research in new technologies within the sectors and potential joint working with aligned affinity groups already in existence.

Please complete this form to join the group. The form will also be used to inform meetings and the possible direction and impact of the group. 

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