Request for nominations to the WFCP Board

The WFCP Board of Directors is accepting nominations for seven vacant seats available on the Board. The seats will be filled through a vote of the members at a Special Meeting of Members to be held during the World Congress in Melbourne, Australia on October 10th, 2018.

The WFCP Board of Directors is a working Board, charged with managing the Federation through the Federation’s bylaws. The Board meets monthly to:

  • set and steer the goals of the Federation,
  • manage the Federation’s budget and staff, and
  • control and conduct the activities and affairs of the Federation.

The seven vacant seats result from the Board members who were elected upon incorporation of the Federation in 2015 or were appointed to replace those Directors over the course of the previous three years. They are:

  • Wilson Conciani, CONIF (Brazil)
  • Denise Amyot, CICan (Canada)
  • Craig Robertson, TDA (Australia)
  • Zong Wa, CEAIE (China)
  • Richard Maskia, CAPA (Commonwealth Africa)
  • Rodrigo Nunez, Duoc UC (Chile)
  • José Luis Fernandez Maure, Tknika (Basque Country)

In accordance with the Federation’s bylaws, previous Directors are eligible for one more term.

If you are interested in joining the WFCP Board, please fill in the attached form and return to the WFCP Secretariat along with a one-page biography and high-quality photo of the candidate.

The Directors will be elected from among the list of nominees put forth by the Federation’s institutional and association members, as per the Federation’s bylaws.

Please submit your nominations to the Secretariat at no later than September 16, 2018 at 11:59 p.m. Eastern Standard Time.

Election process and next steps:

  • A summary of all the nominations received will be sent to paid full members 21 days before the Special Meeting of Members in October.
  • Election will take place at the Special Meeting of Members in October in Melbourne, Australia. Members who are not able to attend will have a chance to either vote online or by proxy.
  • If any appointments of officers (Chair, Deputy Chair, and Secretary/Treasurer) are necessary, the appointment will occur at the Board meeting following the meeting of members.

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For more information:

Tresanna Hassanally
Director, WFCP Secretariat
1 Rideau Street, Suite 701
Ottawa, ON, K1N 8S7
Tel.:  1 613 746-2222 ext. 3141