WFCP Board Election

The WFCP Board of Directors is accepting nominations for three vacant seats available on the Board. The seats will be filled through a vote of the members at the Annual General Meeting in April in Ottawa, Canada.

The WFCP Board of Directors is a working Board, charged with managing the Federation through the Federation’s bylaws. The Board meets monthly to tackle the following tasks, among others, identified by the bylaws:

  • setting and steering the goals of the Federation,
  • managing the Federation’s budget and staff, and
  • controlling and conducting the activities and affairs of the Federation.

The three seats up for election will complete the 15-person Board. At the Annual General Meeting in May 2015, 11 Board members were elected; their terms will expire in May 2018. At September 2016’s Annual General Meeting four new directors were elected; three of the four terms will expire in September 2019, while the remainder will expire with the 11 members elected in 2015, as it was a replacement on the Board. There are currently 12 Directors on the Board.

If you are interested in joining the WFCP Board, please send the following information to form your nomination package:

  • Nominee’s name
  • Position Title
  • Organization name and address
  • Nominee’s e-mail address
  • One page biography

The new Board members will be elected from among the list of nominees put forth by the Federation’s institutional and association members, only.  Only one individual per institutional or association member can be elected to the Board.

Please submit your nominations to the Secretariat at no later than March 31, 2017.