Deadline extended - Call for Submissions: International Handbook on Comparative Studies
Wednesday, March 23, 2016

The deadline to make a submission to the International Handbook on Comparative Studies on Community Colleges and Global Counterparts (Springer, 2017) has been extended until April 29th, 2016. The series uses comparative and empirical research to explore a complex cohort of higher educational institutions that includes, but is not limited to, Cégeps, Colleges of Further Education, Community College, Polytechnic, Technical College, and Technical and Further Education (TAFE).  These institutions share similarities in that they serve as a niche for post-secondary students to acquire skill-sets and credentials based on an education that offers a more advanced curriculum than secondary school and serves as a local and often lower-cost pathway that gives options for university overflow for adult learners, displaced workers, life-long learners, workforce learners, developmental learners, and non-traditional learners (Raby and Valeau, 2009, p. 1).

Proposals that contribute original research and that fit into the following themes or sub-themes are invited.  Proposals that address alternative themes may also be considered.

Volume 1

1) The globally structured education agenda: (globalization, neo-liberalism, etc. to

provide a broad educational context into which all institutions in this cohort fit)

2) Theoretical Discussions: Role of the Institution in the World

  1. a) philosophical role; b) market commodity (in-country & globally); c) local community connections; d) addressing needs of unique populations; e) mission

3) Cultural adaptations and consequent equity issues both within and outside of US

4) Structural Components

  1. a) governance; b) finance; c) student services; d) support staff development to enhance faculty, staff, and leadership excellence.

5) Serving / Not-Serving the needs of unique populations

  1. a) admission and access; b) lower-cost pathway; c) completion, ‘cooling out’, and dead-end point for under-represented students; d) class based equity issues; e) gender equity issues

6) Internationalization (internationalizing curriculum and student mobility)

Volume 2

1) Theoretical Discussions: Role of the Institution in-country

  1. a) what are markers of success and is it being attained; b) what are problems that result from a community college education (does it always open doors or does it perpetuate inequality); c) the effects entrepreneurial institutions have in shaping the higher education marketplace

2) Innovative aspects of institutional practices that illustrate how the institution has adapted appropriately to the cultural context of the country and its education needs

3) Structural Components

  1. a) faculty; b) curriculum; c) leadership pathways; d) accrediting agencies

4) Pathways Post-Completion for career advancement or transfer to traditional university

5) Institutional practices that illustrate how the institution has adapted appropriately to the cultural context of the country and its education needs

6) International Partnerships

All manuscripts will undergo a blind peer-review.  Submissions written in English are preferred.  Please contact editors for chapters that are not written in English.

Expressions of interest should be received by April 29, 2016.  Please submit:

  1. a) Title of chapter
  2. b) Author contact details (position, institution, email, and phone)
  3. c) 500 – 750 word description of the chapter that includes a description of the theoretical and/or empirical emphasis of the chapter.
  4. d) 5-10 key words

Contributors will be notified of acceptance decisions by May 9, 2016 and sent chapter format and guidelines at that time.  Please note that the chapter draft is due by August 26, 2016 with final chapters due by November 30, 2016.

Thank you in advance for considering this invitation.

Please send expressions of interest and questions to:
Rosalind Raby
(818) 882-9931

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