Guide to Global Tertiary Education
Tuesday, June 23, 2015

In the increasingly global society and economy, education and training beyond customary compulsory primary and secondary education has become essential to a nation’s competitiveness and the standard of living of its people.  The need to open the doors of higher or further education beyond the relatively limited enrollments in elite and selective universities has spawned a movement to develop or expand institutions that are generally less expensive, more accessible, more flexible, and tied closer to business and industry.

Paul Elsner, George Boggs, and Judith Irwin are editors of Global Development of Community Colleges, Technical Colleges, and Further Education Programs – Revised Edition: International Research/Resource Guidewhich incorporates the work of more than 50 authors to profile the post-secondary or tertiary education systems in 35 countries.  This publication is an important resource for policymakers and educational leaders who realize the necessity of preparing people for a changing, increasingly complex, technologically driven, and Interdependent global economy.

The book is available for purchase online at or

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