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Affinity Groups

Affinity Groups are made up of WFCP members that communicate and work on common challenges and opportunities. Affinity Groups are designed to facilitate exchanges and greater mutual understanding between its member associations and institutions.

Affinity Groups are unique opportunities to to more rapidly develop common innovative solutions by pulling together the best minds from our rich and diverse membership.

List of Affinity groups:

Successfully launched at the Congress

  • Green Colleges, lead by TAFE, supported by CEAIE and AoC
  • Applied Research and Innovation, lead by TKNIKA (Basque), supported by AACC and CICan
  • Student Services
  • Leadership Development
  • Higher Technical Skills
  • Access to Learning and Employment, lead by CONIF, supported by CICan and CCISP

If you wish to start an affinity group contact: any member of the WFCP Board.

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