Background and Project Purpose

COVID-19 has had a disruptive impact on education across the globe. In line with the aims of the WFCP Strategic Plan 2020-22, the federation is developing a global statement on PTET to reflect its critical role for citizens and industry in economic and social advancement, regardless of the economic standing of a country.

The statement will be representative of all WFCP members and at the same time have application at national, sub-national and local levels. It should cast a forward-looking perspective as a response to COVID impacts. The statement should avoid being a simple collation of country responses and will reflect common themes that have resonance and influence with national and international PTET policy. Specifically, the statement will:

  • Describe global trends pertaining to work and industry, community development and students where PTET drives success.
  • Reflect on impacts at national and sub-regional levels, although not in a way that favours any political system.
  • Outline the power of PTET (in its various structures) for individual, industry and community transformation.
  • Draw out common attributes of effective PTET, policies and institutional structures and responses.
  • Relate to the UN Strategic Development Goals, given their strong alignment with WFCPs mission.
  • Outline tangible objectives and actions which can be used, as required, as a background document for WFCP members to advocate to governments and their stakeholders.

WFCP plans for the statement to be distributed as a statement of purpose and intent to WFCP stakeholders and will be used to raise the profile of the federation with multi-lateral organisations and for members to use bi-laterally with their own governments and stakeholders. The statement is expected to assist with deeper policy and capability development of the federation to delivery of professional and technical education and training.

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