International Youth Camp

The WFCP International Youth Camp is a biennial event that takes place before and during the World Federation’s biennial World Congress. The event brings together youth from the host country and international guests to discuss the state of professional and technical education and training from the perspective of students in the sector. Participants engage in social activities, discussions on issues facing the world, and develop a statement as “The Voice of the Youth” that is presented to the World Congress attendees.

The first Youth Camp in 2014 in Beijing saw 25 students from 11 countries come together to discuss youth leadership and the importance of a youth voice in professional education. Students received a tour of Shanghai and local colleges around the city of Ningbo, in addition to participating in a number of cultural activities. You can read the 2014 “Voice of the Youth” below.

The World Federation’s second Youth Camp took place in Vitória, Brazil for the 2016 World Congress with 37 participants from around the world. Campers engaged in discussions on diversity and inclusion, as well as entrepreneurship and sustainability. The youth attended the World Congress as delegates, where their energy and voice were a welcome addition to the Congress. You can see the “Voice of the Youth” video below.

International Youth Camp 2014

Emily Brekelmans of Niagara College addressed the World Congress on behalf of the students who attended the International Youth Camp

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