Individual Awards Submission

Judgement Criteria and General Guidelines

Individual Awards of Excellence celebrate the achievements and recognize the contributions of individuals in the field of Professional Technical Education and Training in four different categories. Click here to learn more about each category.

Each nomination will be awarded a grade out of 100 and will be judged according to the following five criteria:

Criteria 1 – Description of individual success (including individual achievements, accolades, and demonstratable outcomes): 10 marks
Criteria 2 – Demonstrated impact and exemplary approach to professional and technical education and training at the regional, national, and/or international level: 20 marks
Criteria 3 – Demonstrated achievements of the nominee and their individual contribution to the work for which they are being nominated for: 25 marks
Criteria 4 – Demonstrated benefits and impacts to students, faculty, and or the organisation which they study and/or work at: 25 marks
Criteria 5 – Demonstrated evidence of innovation, initiative and/or ability to overcome obstacles in order to succeed: 20 marks