Individual Award Submission

Please review the instructions below prior to submitting a nomination.



Individual Awards of Excellence celebrate the achievements and recognize the contributions of individuals in the field of Professional Technical Education and Training in four different categories.

Each nomination will be awarded a grade out of 100 and will be judged according to the following five criteria:

Criteria 1 – Description of individual success
(Including individual achievements, accolades, and demonstrable outcomes).

Criteria 2 – Demonstrated impact and exemplary approach to professional and technical education and training at the regional, national, and/or international level.

Criteria 3 – Demonstrated achievements of the nominee and their individual contribution to the work for which they are being nominated for.

Criteria 4 – Demonstrated benefits and impacts to students, faculty, and or the organization which they study and/or work at.

Criteria 5 – Demonstrated evidence of innovation, initiative and/or ability to overcome obstacles in order to succeed.


Individual Award Categories

Leadership in Diversity and Inclusion

This award seeks to recognize a leader who has exhibited an outstanding commitment to equity, diversity and inclusion and has demonstrated exemplary contributions to developing a diverse and welcoming culture where everyone can thrive.

Lifetime Achievement Award

This award will celebrate a leader of a WFCP member organization (membership body or institution) who has dedicated many years (8 or more) to serving the technical, vocational, and professional education sector. It will be given to the individual who, in the opinion of the judging panel, deserves to be honored for his or her contribution to TVET in honor of service and contribution to the college and institute system nationally and internationally.

The nominator should state what they consider to be the major achievements of the nominee throughout their career emphasizing how they have enriched the lives of those in the institutions and locally/regionally/nationally and/or globally. The final sentence of your nomination should be a statement of what you believe is likely to be their legacy.

Outstanding Educator Award

This award seeks to reward the individual whose passion, knowledge and skills have inspired student’s success and who has made a major contribution to educational life within an institution. It is open to anyone working as an educator in a WFCP member institution.  Only one member of staff can be nominated from any one institution.

The nomination should give evidence of excellent impact on learners’ progress, attainment, and growth; their colleagues’ (through professional development and example) and their institution’s (reputation in the subject area); establish that the nominee’s commitment has been broadly evident over their career to date; describe how this educator has brought about positive change beyond their own learners and provided a leadership role model for teaching colleagues and students.

Outstanding Student Achievement Award

The Student Achievement Award is open for nomination by all WFCP members and recognizes outstanding individual achievements or contributions that have an internal impact on their institution and on their community. Nominees must be current student members of a WFCP institution or have been a student within the past five years.

Students can be nominated for the award based on the following criteria including exceptional academic achievement; outstanding effort; commitment to a charitable cause; commitment to environmental sustainability; significant contribution to the wider community; a remarkable demonstration of compassion or kindness and resilience in the face of adversity.


Required Documentation

Prior to filling out the nomination form below, please ensure you have the following information and documents ready:

  • Nominee and nominator details, including names, mailing addresses and phone numbers.
  • Nominating statement with signature, of no more than 500 words.
  • Picture of the individual being nominated.
  • (3) Testimonials with signature, of no more than 500 words each.

Submission Form