Vertebral, the Chilean Council of Accredited Professional Institutes and Technical Education Centres

Vertebral, the Council of Accredited Professional Institutes and Technical Training Centers, is the most important and largest Chilean education association with 18 associate members and more than 400.000 students enrolled, which are present in 30 cities along the country. The institutions associated with Vertebral are all accredited by the CNA, the Chilean National Commission for Accreditation.

Students of Vertebral’s associated institutions represent 80% of the enrollment in Chilean Vocational and Professional Education and Training (VPET), and 35% of the total enrollment of the Chilean higher education (considering Universities).

Professional and technical education is key for Chile’s competitiveness and economic development. 65% of VET students in Chile, come from the two lowest quintiles of income, and 71% of them are the first generation to access Higher Education. Almost half of the students in the system study and work at the same time.

The main objective of Vertebral is to achieve a more equitable, sustainable and productive country through the development of technical and vocational education. This aim is addressed through contribution to related public policies, promotion of quality improvement of associated institutions and position the importance of professional and technical education in society.

Vertebral aims to spotlight Professional-Technical Higher Education, influencing public policies to consider their special requirements and reality which is different to the reality of Universities. It also promotes the institutional innovation of its associates, through the use of newly available technologies, such as online education, internship programs and collaboration agreements with companies.
Vertebral has been developing an international connections strategy, seeking to generate collaborative partnerships with other institutions.

Areas of Interest for Partnership

  • Innovation practices within the college and in working with companies
  • Applied research and innovation in vocational colleges
  • Articulation and coordination with the productive sector
  • Education in 21st century skills
  • Implementation of National Frameworks of Qualifications
  • Dual vocational training
  • Quality Assurance in Education
  • Leadership Development within the team leaders

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Contact Person

Name: Paola Lisboa
Projects Director