Tknika is an institute of innovation created by the Basque Ministry of Education, Universities and Research, under the direct auspices of the Deputy Ministry of Technical and Vocational Education and Training and Lifelong Learning.

Innovation is at the core of Tknika in its ongoing efforts to place Basque Technical Vocational Education and Training at the European forefront.

Tknika is modelled after some of the world’s most advanced Technical Colleges. Through networking and direct involvement by the Basque Vocational Training teaching staff, the Institute develops innovative projects in the areas of technology, teachers´training, ICT and management.

The main idea TKNIKA is working with, is to make shorter the gap that elapses between a new technology or an innovation takes place at University, at a company or a research centre and it arrives to the Technical colleges.

To meet these expectations TKNIKA follows a process that could be summarized in seven steps:

  • Capture of ideas through a transversal following up system
  • Preparation of pre-projects that are evaluated as innovative and offered to the VET centres
  • Selection of teachers that will take part in the development of the project for no more than two years
  • Development of the Project. Teachers working half time with TKNIKA, half time at their colleges
  • Transfer of the results to the rest of the teachers and colleges
  • Evaluation of results of the transference
  • If necessary, new cycle to adapt to new needs

Tknika was founded with the aim of becoming a reference for innovation in European Technical and Vocational Education and Training

Watch the video presentation of TKNIKA

Internationalization Strategy

TKNIKA is an active member in the international Networks:

  • EFVET (European Forum of Technical and Vocational Education and Training)
  • TA3 (Transatlantic Technological and Training Alliance)
  • Board member of WFCP

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Contact Person

Name: Mr. José Luis Fernandez Maure