TAFE Queensland

TAFE Queensland is the largest and most experienced provider of vocational education and training in the state, with a history of serving Queensland’s communities for over 130 years.

TAFE Queensland operates across a network of over 50 campuses in Queensland, in employers’ workplaces, online and in markets offshore. Our offering spans foundation skills and entry level qualifications to higher education degrees across more than 500 programs. We provide individuals with training options at every stage of their career and employers with skilling solutions that respond to complex workforce needs.

TAFE Queensland is committed to growing a culture of innovation and applied research across the sector that will add value to our internal capability and enhance our engagement with stakeholders as we work collaboratively to solve their business challenges.
TAFE Queensland also partners with the Australia-Pacific Technical College (APTC), an Australian Aid program that has been delivering Australian vocational qualifications in the Pacific region for ten years. APTC works in partnership to skill and qualify Pacific Island citizens for a range of occupations in demand across the Pacific. Programs are delivered by TAFE Queensland educators based across the region.

Areas of Interest for Partnership

The TAFE Queensland footprint includes delivery of trade qualifications in the pacific through our partnership with the Australia-Pacific Technical College (APTC) and is interested in collaborating globally with other organisations to increase this delivery.

TAFE Queensland International has vast experience in international markets, and are committed to developing international alliances by expanding our global networks and strengthening our existing links with offshore education and industry partners.

Additional areas of interest include: Exploring future workforce skills; apprenticeships; development of regional communities; transition vocational education and higher education; applied research and applied learning; and vocational education in schools.


TAFE Queensland RedSpace: has published ARIES Case Studies 2016, featuring twenty examples of our educators working with employers and within communities. These case studies demonstrate collaborations between our educators, learners and employers within local communities across Queensland. It marks a starting point in naming our applied research efforts and promoting our strong partnerships with employers small and large.

TAFE Queensland RedSpace: has published Praxis 2016: Improving Education Practice Through Action Research, featuring nine case studies from the 2015 Critical Participatory Action Research (CPAR) program. These case studies demonstrate scholarly reflective practice across a variety of themes, including blended learning, technology utilisation, workplace learning and sustainability.

Vocational Education and Training (VET) has played a critical role in building Australia’s workforce over many decades and ensuring that the nation’s workforce has the skills to support the shifting economy as it has transitioned from a focus on agriculture, to manufacturing, to mining, and now to the service and health industries. THE VET ERA: Equipping Australia’s workforce for the future digital economy explores what skills we will need in the future.

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Contact Person

Name: Jenny Dodd
Email: jenny.dodd @tafeqld.edu.au