Réseau des Instituts supérieurs d’Enseignement professionnel

RISEP is the national organization representing the network of tertiary public & private vocational training institutes of Senegal. It has been created in 2015 with the aim of reaching in 2020 at least 50 institutes and at least 200,000 students per year in face-to-face training and much more in distance training.

Mission Statement

RISEP has the mission to provide increasing access to tertiary vocational education for all young people who want to acquire a hands-on training for professional excellence

RISEP has also the mission to support innovations in vocational training, applied developments for companies & industries and the entrepreneurial and/or employment opportunities that are created by its members and partners

Vision Statement

The vision of RISEP is to be the leading organization in Senegal that allows its members to offer high quality career-oriented vocational education for the development of the country.

Our member institutions share strategies and best practices to increase workforce employability in Senegal. RISEP is the voice of the tertiary vocational training in Senegal and would like to champion the concept in all the francophone countries in Africa.

Areas of specialization

RISEP is supported by a program of the World Bank that is committed to quality training and skills development opportunities for all Senegaleses as a means to optimize labour market participation for the development of the country.

The main specializations domains are: Agriculture, ICT, Tourism, Cars and Railway techniques, Mining techniques, Hydraulic techniques, Oil exploration and exploitation, Renewable energy, Green economy, Sustainable development.

Areas of Interest for Partnership

In the future, RISEP would like to impact positively the growth and development of TVET institutions with the support of WFCP. The main areas of interest for partnership a

  • “Innovations for employability”, mainly the development of entrepreneurship education in the curricula of the institutions;
  • Online learning;
  • Improvement of access to women in vocational education;
  • Management and leadership training courses for managers.

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Contact Person

Name: Pr. Mouhamed Fadel NIANG
Email: niang_fadel@yahoo.fr
Visit www.isep.sn to learn more about the RISEP.