Qingdao Technical College

QingdaoQingdao Technical College (QTC) is a public higher vocational college, it was founded in October, 2000. It mainly focuses on full-time higher vocational education and social training, giving consideration also to continual education, international joint programs and middles school teachers and headmasters training. The college is qualified to employ foreign experts and receive international students. Over years, QTC has successively become the winner of China’s Outstanding President of Vocational Colleges, the National Advanced Vocational College and one of the First Model Vocational Colleges in China. Currently, the college has 760 full-time staff and 10300 students.

QTC has among 30 programs and 7 schools: Haier (Mechanical and Electronic), Software and Service Outsourcing (information), Biological and Engineering (Blue Engineering), Tourism, Commerce, Education, and Arts. QTC set Brand Education as its strategy, aiming to educate Skilled and Moral students. QTC has established partnerships with 71 higher education institutions in 20 countries or regions.