Institute of Tourism & Hotel Management

Institute of Tourism & Hotel Management is Government chartered pioneer institute providing quality education in the fields of Culinary Arts, Travel, Tourism & Hospitality Management. ITHM College was established with an objective to provide management focused, practical-based education and trainings as demanded by the Tourism & Hospitality Industry worldwide. ITHM is offering more than 40 VET national and international qualifications that are widely accepted and have time tested advantages for our students in Pakistan.

ITHM has strengthened its roots over the last 15 years in quality education and training deliverance. We have not only trained thousands of trainees successfully, but we have also provided them a career path nationally and internationally for decent employment featuring Gender Equity, Disability & Social inclusion. ITHM in collaboration with private and public partners offers various types of scholarship based training programs and aims to develop skills, behaviors and attitudes of social inclusion groups, with special emphasis on women, minorities and under privileged youth of Pakistan.

“Hundreds of success stories and the development of youth impulse of Pakistan is what really make ITHM proud.”

Our Campus is fully equipped with state-of-the-art teaching and learning facilities in accordance to the international standard. The learned, vibrant and professional atmosphere really boosts the trainees to discover their capabilities.

ITHM in collaboration with its international Global Academic Partners; Australia, America, England, France & Europe offer you unique programs taught by highly qualified & dedicated faculty.

“Fusing Asian practices with international perspectives for a truly global outlook, you are sure to gain from the best of all worlds.”


WFCP is a global network of colleges and Polytechnics. Through this network member institutes are exchanging their knowledge & data to train the students on world best practices. Through this network we may learn about latest trends, best practices & global challenges faced by VET sector.

Through this network we would be discussing common challenges & opportunities faced by education community worldwide. We want to create a strong link with colleges and polytechnics to create pathways for student’s exchange  & visits, fostering collaboration for faculty & management leadership development and learning the best practices featuring industry academia linkages.

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Name: Ms. Qurrat ul ain