Bow Valley College

Bow Valley College is Alberta, Canada’s largest comprehensive community college.  Being a regional college, BVC serves both the city of Calgary and surrounding communities. Over 15,000 learners annually take part in many various, leading-edge year-round diploma and certificate programs in Business, Health, Human Services and Creative Technologies, as well as adult upgrading and one of Western Canada’s largest ESL departments.

BVC is a multi-cultural institution with learners coming from almost 150 countries and faculty and staff speaking over 80 languages.

With over 50 years of technical and vocational education experience and 30 years across more than 20 countries of international partnership collaboration, BVC has a strong history of successful overseas development and training projects.

Bow Valley College is a designated UNEVOC International Centre within the UNESCO-UNEVOC Network.  As part of this designation, BVC’s mission under a mandate of Education for All and Education for Sustainable Development, is to assist Member States to strengthen and upgrade their TVET systems in order to help institutions achieve access for all, high quality, relevant and effective programmes and learning opportunities throughout life.


Bow Valley College is looking for areas of partnership and collaboration around:  short-term faculty and student mobility exchange, transfer agreements (2+1, 2+2), applied research and international development projects.

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