Asociacion de Centros de Formacion Profesional “FPEMPRESA” – VET School National Association

FPempresa is a non-profit association that brings together public and private Vocational Training Centres throughout Spain.

Since 2012 we have been working to promote and encourage Vocational Training through the exchange of experiences and good practices among the centres that make up the association. The Association is the meeting place of the Vocational Training Centres, whatever the type, who want to boost their relations with the business world, contribute to create a network of centres capable of sharing experiences, projects that want to contribute to the development and empowerment of the Vocational Training System of this country.


FPempresa aims to give prominence to Vocational Training in the education system and strengthen relations between the centres and their environment. The commitment between Vocational Training Centres and companies allows improving the educational offer for students of training cycles and integration routes in the labour market.


Our vocation is to generate a greater public presence of the centres that offer Vocational Training in society. FPempresa aspires to be an interlocutor between training centres, institutions, social organizations and companies in order to ensure that Vocational Training is a real alternative for the future.


  • Collaboration: foster alliances between different social, educational sectors and Economics that participate in Vocational Training.
  • Quality: work guided by excellence.
  • Transparency: commitment to transparent and responsible management.
  • Diversity: promoting plurality and integration.
  • Innovation: betting on new technologies.
  • Passion: commitment to the project and the people.
  • Future: guide our actions towards a path full of opportunities

Areas of Interest for Partnership

  • International exchange programs.
  • Networking between VET Centres.
  • Sharing best good practices.
  • Collaboration between companies and centers.

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