Colleges and Institutes Canada

Colleges and Institutes Canada is the national, not-for-profit association created by Canada’s 128 public post-secondary colleges, institutes of technology, cégeps, polytechnics and university colleges to be their voice at the national level and internationally. Together this network serves 1.5 million learners per year with campuses in over 1,000 Canadian communities. Through its International Partnerships Division, Colleges and Institutes Canada provides colleges and institutes the opportunity to establish institutional linkages, to offer students learning opportunities aboard, to recruit foreign students and to build the capacity of sister institutions in developing countries. Members are engaged through the policy, design, implementation and evaluation stages. Colleges and Institutes Canada has developed partnerships in over 100 countries and has implemented over $500 million worth of development cooperation projects on behalf of the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA), partner countries and development banks such as the Asian or African Development Banks. The Colleges and Institutes Canada Secretariat employs 70 professionals and is based in Ottawa. It is committed to excellence and to delivering tangible results and was the first national education association to achieve ISO Certification.

Colleges and Institutes Canada currently chairs the World Federation of Colleges and Polytechnics.

Areas of Interest for Partnership

  • Education
  • Training for Employment
  • International Partnerships Development
  • Cooperation
  • Leadership

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Contact Person

Name: Denise Amyot