Technology Platform
“Industry of the Future”

Technology platform “Industry of the future” unit[e]s more than 300 educational and manufacturing organizations across Russia in order to facilitate the life-long education, satisfy the demand in specialists and increase the expertise level of employees. Technology Platform «Industry of The Future» assists industrial enterprises, educational and scientific organizations in the development and implementation of innovative technologies, provides scientific and industrial cooperation to solve actual problems of industrial enterprises. The functioning of TP «Industry of The Future» as a participant in the innovation process is interdisciplinary in nature and aimed at ensuring the development and adaptation of the advanced technologies at all stages of the life cycle of high-tech products in order to create conditions for effective modernization of complex technical products. Doing this technology platform wants to ensure Russia’s access to new markets and formation of innovative vector development of the real sector of the economy. The implementation of the goals and objectives of TP «Industry of The Future» implies active development of international cooperation. One of the key activities of TP «Industry of The Future» is creating conditions for effective borrowing and adaptation of the best European and international practices in the field of innovative industries and education technologies to the Russian conditions.

Areas of Interest for Partnership

As we unite 49 industrial enterprises (450 000 employees) we are interested in hiring experienced specialists and organizing a life-long training for already working ones. These organizations have unsatisfied demand in qualified workers. So, our 24 partners-universities and 20 research institutes are interested in establishing partnerships in all types of educational programs (long-term, short-term, exchange, dual degree, distant, advanced) programs, for engineers in space, aerospace, manufacturing, biology, ecology, energy, transport,