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WFCP’s Global Insight brings global news to Federation members about education, issues affecting professional and technical education and training, and updates about the Federation and our activities. The monthly bulletin also includes analysis in each issue from a WFCP Board of Director about a topic impacting professional and technical education and training around the world.

The WFCP Dispatch shares news, views and reports from Federation members to offer a global perspective to your work. If you have input, please pass it on to the WFCP Secretariat.

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July 2023

  • Call for Proposals: 2025/2026 Congress
  • World Congress Montreal Declaration Now Available
  • In Retrospect: WFCP World Congress 2023
  • Member News

March 2023

  • TVET Writer Series: TVET/Industry Workforce Challenges: Unrelated or two sides of the same coin?

February 2023

  • TVET Writer Series: Effective Approaches for Government and Industry Participation in TVET.

January 2023

  • The Year Ahead
  • Looking forward to 2023

May 2022

  • Don’t Forget to Register for WFCP World Congress ‘TVET Excellence For All’
  • Launch Of Foresight Contributions: The Future of PTET
  • Global Statement Now Available in Spanish
  • Praline Goes to Dublin To Address Language Learning For Migrant Learners

March 2022

  • WFCP 2022 World Congress News
  • Upcoming Webinar: Emotional Intelligence for Leaders: Harnessing the Power Within
  • FPEmpresa and Group Esprinet Launch the ‘I Edition’ of VET Knowledge’s Transfer Awards
  • Call for Proposals: 2024 World Congress
  • Join Perspectives Live’s Upcoming Episode: The Future is Female

January 2022

  • Welcome Back Message and 2021 Recap
  • Why I Became a Member: Nettur Technical Training Foundation (NTTF)
  • My Experience participating in WFCP’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) Affinity Group
  • FPEmpresa Carries out Consultative Work in the European Project for the Improvement of the Quality of Dual VET in Spain
  • Join Perspectives Live’s Upcoming Episode: Amplifying Black Excellence

December 2021

  • Message: Happy Holidays and a Safe and Prosperous New Year
  • A Few Words from our Board Members

November 2021

  • There is no Future without Net Zero
  • WFCP Launched its First Global Statement Calling for a Global Coordinated Response to the Covid-19 Pandemic
  • Upcoming Webinars
  • FPEmpresa and CaixaBank Dualiza Bring Together 500 Teachers to Analyze the Future of VET
  • Awards of Excellence Deadline Extended

October 2021

  • The Challenges of Establishing Professional and Technological Education that works with the Future of a Digital and Post-Pandemic Era
  • Upcoming Webinar: The Role Of TVET Institutions In Refugee Inclusion
  • FPEmpresa completes the SCoopConSS project in Florence
  • Vaccination against COVID-19 as a Teachable Moment
  • FPEmpresa successfully organised the 2nd PLA of PRALINE in Valencia

September 2021

  • Message from new WFCP Chair, Dawn Ward
  • WFCP-PIN Leadership Summit Postponed
  • Pandemic Monitoring at the Federal Institute of Rio de Janeiro (IFRJ)
  • FPEmpresa and the Embassy of Spain in Brazil Promote International Cooperation Between VET Centres
  • Centennial College releases OER Textbook on Global Citizenship

August 2021

  • Appointment of new WFCP Chair, Dawn Ward
  • TVET: A Powerful Impetus for Poverty Alleviation
  • Cowessess First Nation and Saskatchewan Polytechnic search for unmarked and unidentified graves
  • The EFA La Malvesía will represent Spain in the SCoopConSS final in Florence
  • Join the Webinar “SDG 5: What is the role of TVET in supporting gender equality and empowerment”
  • Last Chance to Register for WFCP-PIN Webinar “Lessons from the Pandemic: Re-Invention”
  • Update: PIN – WFCP Leadership Summit
  • FPEmpresa represents VET centres in the Spanish Congress

July 2021

  • Lessons learned in the UK TVET sector
  • Welcoming one of our newest members: Hudson Valley Community College
  • Register for WFCP-PIN Webinar “Lessons from the Pandemic: Re-Invention”
  • GarageLab: an innovative way for VET students to develop their skills
  • Key factors in Spanish tourism industry: innovation, solidarity, sustainability

June 2021

  • Community Colleges and the U.S. Post-Pandemic Recovery
  • Contribute to the WFCP’s Global Statement on Professional Technical Education and Training
  • SCoopConSS: Students Design their Proposals for Cooperatives in the Final Stage of the Project
  • Webinar: The Success and Impact of the 2030 SDGs Game
  • Collaboration with National Vocational and Technical Training Commission (NAVTTC, Pakistan)
  • Join our Cyber Security Affinity Group
  • Last Chance to Register for WFCP-PIN Webinar “Lessons from the Pandemic: Re-Engagement”

May 2021

  • How the Council of Community Colleges of Jamaica Ensures Student Success during Covid-19
  • FPEmpresa and Dualiza launch a free training scheme for VET professionals
  • WFCP-PIN Webinar “Lessons from the Pandemic: Re-Engagement”
  • Make a Foresight Contribution to the WFCP’s Global Statement on Professional Technical Education and Training
  • The Innovaprofes Hackathon to create a Classroom for Entrepreneurship successfully completed
  • Yes it’s possible: Integrating the SDGs into a multi-campus TVET Institution in Canada
  • JVET Vocational and Technical Education Keynotes Conference

April 2021

  • New visions from the Chesapeake
  • Global Statement on Professional Technical Education and Training: Announcement of Lead Researchers
  • Online collaborative learning through the Mini-Education Carnival
  • JVET Vocational and Technical Education Keynotes Conference
  • Report: The Effect of Covid-19 on Education in Africa and its Implications for the Use of Technology
  • Webinar: SDG Synergies and Tradeoffs and How they can be Localized to TVET Institutions

March 2021

  • How Duoc UC Beat the Odds and Increased Student Enrollment during the Covid-19 Pandemic
  • FPEmpresa Joins the STEAM Alliance for Women’s Talent Promoted by the Ministry of Education and Vocational Training
  • Upcoming Webinar: “Cyber Security – It’s Everyone’s Business’
  • Join WFCP’s new Indigenous Education Affinity Group
  • Join the SDG Affinity Group’s second Meeting, Focused on the SDG Accord

February 2021

  • The ‘Black Further Education Leadership Group’ is Challenging Racism in the UK
  • Intellectual Work and Terminology for AR&I: WFCP’s Applied Research and Innovation Affinity Group Meeting
  • College Health Promotion Against COVID-19 Evolves with Changing Circumstances
  • FPEmpresa participates along with other European institutions in the first peer learning activity of PRALINE project
  • Skills Development in the Time of COVID-19: Taking Stock of the Initial Responses in Technical and Vocational Education and Training
  • Join our new Sustainable Development Goals Affinity Group
  • Last Chance to Register: WFCP-PIN Webinar

January 2021

  • Welcome Back and Join us in Taking a Look Back at Key Achievements of 2020
  • Welcome Message from Chair, Craig Robertson
  • Save These Dates: Upcoming Webinar Series WFCP-PIN
  • Eight FPEmpresa Centres Participate in the International Project SCoopConSS to Promote Social Cooperatives
  • Contribute to February’s Dispatch

December 2020

  • WFCP Board Directors reflect on the year 2020
  • Join us in developing a Global Statement on Professional Technical Education and Training
  • WFCP and PIN establish joint Leadership Summit
  • Higher Education Student and Staff Mobility (Key Action 107)
  • The Erasmus Project and the student profile
  • 31 projects have been selected for this year’s Dualiza call
  • IFRJ launches Comic Story that connects Brazil and Nubia in the fight for Human Rights

November 2020

  • Excellence is needed now, more than ever
  • Join the 2020 WFCP Awards of Excellence Ceremony
  • Interdisciplinarity for WFCP´s Applied Research & Innovation Affinity Group
  • Hold these dates – Leadership Institute 2021
  • Colleges and Institutes Canada opened a call for presentations
  • How applied research can support Australia’s post-COVID economic recovery
  • FPEmpresa relaunches EmpleaFP, an employment search tool for VET
  • Campus health promotion against COVID-19
  • Deepening the Reform of Innovative Entrepreneurship Education
  • TVET Forum gathered more than 2000 participants from the Pacific Alliance and Canada

October 2020

  • A View from Pakistan
  • Contribute to the November Dispatch
  • The 2020 Awards of Excellence Ceremony will be Hosted Online
  • Register for International Vocational Education And Industry Training Symposium
  • Federal Network Publishes International E-Book on Covid-19 Response
  • Journey with CICan’s Toolkit
  • FPempresa Holds its First-Time Online General Assembly

September 2020

  • TVET Diversity and Inclusivity is Vital in Re-Skilling African Youth
  • Deadline for the WFCP Chief Executive position is extended
  • Embracing Indigenous knowledge webinar gathered more than 200 registrants
  • Relaunch of the WFCP Applied Research Affinity Group
  • Colleges and institutes on inclusive quality education
  • PRALINE, a social inclusion project where FPEmpresa participates approved by the EACEA
  • Responding to Covid-19: The Future of TVET Provision in China
  • Xavier Professional School: an introduction to our international projects
  • Cultural Production Bachelor Students Release a Short Film

August 2020

  • Capability to Succeed
  • Exciting development for WFCP as it establishes Chief Executive position
  • Leadership Role in a Time of Crisis
  • Webinar: ‘Emerging best practices to embed the SDGs in the TVET sector to build back better’
  • Re-launch of the Applied Research Affinity Group
  • Fitting Recognition for Phil Ker
  • Leadership Efforts and Practices in the Fight against COVID-19
  • Shared Leadership Provides a Sustainable Response to COVID-19 Challenges
  • CEAIE Carrying on TVET Internationalization in Time of Pandemic
  • Response to All Party Parliamentary Group on Apprenticeships from BSDC
  • Creativity and Resilience of the U.S. Community College Leaders in Time of Crisis
  • Shaanxi Polytechnic Institute Response to the Covid-19 Pandemic
  • Spanish Prime Minister highlights the social commitment from FPEmpresa VET Centres
  • Initiatives in Times of Crisis

July 2020

  • Federation News
  • Rising to the Challenge in Australia
  • OECD lists practices of resilience for TVET
  • FPEmpresa is collaborating with the Bankia Foundation to create an online resource website for VET
  • China: Opening-up of Educational Sector to Go On
  • BSDC’s students participate in artistic challenges via online
  • IFRJ Student in UNICEF Program to Combat Fake News
  • The Council of Community Colleges of Jamaica’s Online Learning Platform Initiative
  • 3D Printing Work by The Federal Institute of Amazonas
  • Portable technology for Covid-19 control and tracking

June 2020

  • Francophone African Education
  • What is the New Direction for International Education?
  • The USA: the Future of International Education through the Prism of Community Colleges
  • CollegesWales’ pan-Wales Mobility Opportunities for Vocational Learners and Apprentices
  • Technical and Cultural International Visits at IFBA
  • Globalization and Internationalization as Factors for the Development of Teaching-Learning at IFNMG, Brazil
  • IFCE International Program: Transforming Students into Global Citizens since 2012
  • Southeastern Minas Gerais Federal Institute’s Academic Mobility Program: “IF Sudeste MG INTERNATIONAL – Postgraduate (Master’s)”
  • IFRJ Student Wins Place at New York University Abu Dhabi

May 2020

  • The U.S. Apprenticeship Initiative
  • Federation News
  • The Vocational Training Council invites other WFCP members to their virtual international conference
  • Sharing best practices during unprecedented times
  • After the pandemic, a bright future lays ahead
  • Online Courses are welcomed in SXPI during the COVID-19 pandemic
  • We are producing protective face visors with 3D Printers
  • Our Heroes from Home
  • The Council of Community Colleges of Jamaica’s response to COVID-19
  • Embedded with the community to fight COVID-19
  • Best practices developed by IFSULDEMINAS during the pandemic time
  • San Valero Educational Team Shares Best Practices to Support Students

March/April 2020

  • The great train robbery – the UK’s workers are not getting the training they need
  • Important announcement about the WFCP 2020 Congress
  • Sharing best practices
  • A solidarity response to COVID-19: the network of Basque TVET centres printing and assembling 3D protective facial screens for the health sector
  • Burton and South Derbyshire College: responding effectively to the Corona Virus pandemic
  • CICan supports its members in the face of COVID-19
  • Together in the Lead
  • The U.S. digital divide unveiled by COVID-19 raises concern over those who can’t get online
  • Experience of Chinese Vocational Colleges in Fighting COVID-19

February 2020

  • Saskatchewan Polytechnic’s Mobile Training Labs Expand Learning Opportunities
  • San Sebastian is preparing for hosting the 10th WFCP Congress
  • Apply for the WFCP Awards of Excellence by the end of February
  • Sustainability in building practices gives Box Hill Institute in Australia Bronze Awards of Excellence
  • Look 100 Forward at the 100th AACC Annual Convention
  • TVET must centre in the response to climate change
  • AI vs. automation: sounds similarly, affects differently
  • Sustainability Literacy: Growth of ‘green jobs’ lead to changes in community college curricula

January 2020

  • Vocational education to address social, economic and political change
  • Apply for the WFCP Awards of Excellence by the end of February
  • A Story of the 2018 Recipient of the WFCP’s Awards of Excellence
  • The 2020 WFCP Congress will be hosted in the Basque Country
  • An Excellent Opportunity for Networking
  • Registration for the 100th AACC Annual Convention will be open soon
  • Atlas Corps Fellowships are open to non-U.S. applicants
  • Changes to the Australian Qualifications Framework
  • Educators Should Know About Life ‘On the Clock’
  • Denise Amyot: Lifelong Learning Opportunities to All
  • Red River College launches a Truth and Reconciliation Award for Indigenous Students

December 2019

  • Implementation of the Technical-Professional Qualifications Framework in Chile
  • Apply for the WFCP Awards of Excellence
  • A Story of the 2018 Recipient of the WFCP’s Awards of Excellence
  • European Vocational Skills Week 2019
  • 2020 Call for Proposals for the Erasmus+ Programme
  • Look broadly at undergraduate research experiences across STEM disciplines
  • Fleming College helps small and medium-sized companies advance economically and protect the environment
  • Protecting the Right to Education
  • Why big franchises offer education benefits to their employees
  • Student voice

November 2019

  • China Launches Major Reform to Vocational Education Sector
  • The 4th WFCP Awards of Excellence Now Open
  • A Story of the 2018 Recipient of the WFCP’s Awards of Excellence
  • New Funding Alert: Expressions of interest for research on scaling the impact of educational innovations
  • Disparity in digital access slows the progress on SDGs
  • Applied Research Introductory Guide Released in Australia
  • PIN Leadership Institute 2019
  • European Vocational Skills Week 2019

October 2019

  • Are brighter times ahead for Further Education in England?
  • #LoveOurColleges
  • WFCP Awards of Excellence Nominations Opens in October
  • A Story of the 2018 Recipient of the WFCP’s Awards of Excellence
  • Cultural Bias against VET Leads to Economic Loss
  • Timely and relevant data is central to achieve the SDGs
  • Ethical Approach to Internationalisation
  • Culinary arts class mirrors the diversity of outside-classroom society

September 2019

  • The Road to Gender Equality
  • SDG 4.7: Integrating Social, Emotional and Sustainable Learning into Education Materials
  • Practitioner Perspectives on Equity in Career and Technical Education
  • World Skills Kazan 2019
  • The high growth promise of an integrated Africa
  • The Consumer Rights of International Students
  • Canadian post-secondary leaders consider next steps following summer institute on reconciliation
  • Co-Exist With Robots: How to Compete With Technology in the Age of Automation
  • Emerging technology can replace workers — or train them for new work

August 2019

  • The start of globalisation, 500 years ago
  • WFCP2020: Youth Leadership Camp
  • UN Secretary-General Releases Advance version of SDG Progress Report
  • Beijing Consensus on Artificial Intelligence and Education
  • New CICan Project will ImpAct local communities
  • EURASHE wants your input on Apprenticeships
  • TKNIKA’s “Basque Country” rowing boat makes history in Loch Ness
  • UK Commission looks to the College of the Future
  • African Union Launches “1 Million by 2021”
  • More International Students Choose China
  • Where jobs are concentrating and why it matters