Organization Awards Submission

Judgement Criteria and General Guidelines

Organization Awards of Excellence celebrate the achievements and recognize the contributions of institutions in the field of Professional Technical Education and Training in nine different categories. These categories are based on WFCP Affinity Groups but are not exclusive to members of these groups. Click here to learn more about each category.

Projects submitted must have commenced within the last three years (not before 2019) and must demonstrate impact within the last 12 months. Nominations submitted during previous Awards can be resubmitted if the project demonstrates significant progress and/or impact since and if it did not previously receive an Award.

Institutions are encouraged to submit a synopsis about the organization, which will not form part of the marking criteria.

Each nomination will be awarded a grade out of 100 and will be judged according to the following six criteria:

Criteria 1 – Comprehensive description of the project, including scope, aims and objectives, target audience, barriers to success and success criteria: 10 marks
Criteria 2 – Demonstrated benefit to professional and technical education and training at the international level: 20 marks
Criteria 3 – Demonstrated achievements of the nominee and the work for which they are being nominated: 20 marks
Criteria 4 – Demonstrated benefit to students: 20 marks
Criteria 5 – Demonstrated evidence of innovation, initiative, or obstacles which the nominee may have had to overcome to achieve their outcome: 20 marks
Criteria 6 – Material provided in support of the nomination & value added to the Federation: 10 marks