Higher Technical Skills

The Higher Technical Skills Affinity Group is an established international community of practice that shares knowledge and experience in the development of higher-level professional and technical qualifications to meet the demands of the workforce. The group also engages with employers to proactively respond to changing and emerging occupations.

The group’s institutional members all engage in degree-granting activities which deliver higher level professional and technical qualifications. Group members are engaged in international conferences, research projects, as well as dissemination of best practices. In 2017, the Affinity Group held a seminar on how scholarship can operate in the professional and technical education and training sector. You can see the recording of the webinar here (registration is required).

At the 2018 World Congress, the group will discussions on Sub-Bachelor and Applied Education: policies, practice and student experience. The Affinity Group workshop is seeking papers that explore:

  • National policies that support the emergence and development of higher-level technical qualifications, sub-degrees and applied bachelor degrees
  • Impact on the mission, purpose and practice of colleges (and other institutions) offering these qualifications
  • Experience of students who study these qualifications at colleges (and other institutions)

The United Kingdom’s AoC leads the Higher Technical Skills group.

If you are interested in joining the Higher Technical Skills affinity group, please fill out the Affinity Group application form.