The Entrepreneurship Affinity Group was created in response to the growing need for students to develop entrepreneurial skills. The 2017 re-visit of the Shanghai Consensus enshrined the development of entrepreneurial skills in the international community’s commitment to professional and technical education and training.

The group seeks to support members as they share best practices related to entrepreneurial content across curriculums and the institutions themselves, as they engage in entrepreneurial endeavours. As the Entrepreneurship group identifies opportunities for staff, instructional and exchanges, they hope to also encourage collaboration on entrepreneurial projects among members.

In 2018, Colleges and Institutes Canada organized a webinar, Exploring Entrepreneurship Innovation in International Education Cooperation. You can watch the webinar below (available in English and French)

Colleges and Institutes Canada has the lead on the group, through Ann Marie Vaughan, President of Loyalist College.

To join the Entrepreneurship group, please fill out the Affinity Group application.

Exploring Entrepreneurship Innovation in International Education Cooperation – March 14, 2018 1.02.48 PM from CollegeCan on Vimeo (English).

Webinaire de CICan L’innovation entrepreneuriat dans les projets de cooperation internationale – March 20, 2018 1.04.04 PM from CollegeCan on Vimeo (Français).