Strategic Plan

World Federation of Colleges and Polytechnics

2020-2022 Strategic Plan

This Strategic Plan represents the next stage of development of the World Federation of Colleges and Polytechnics (WFCP).

Now entering its third decade, the Federation’s priority is to increase its advocacy and position as the largest global organisation of associations, institutes and affiliates committed to professional and technical education and training (PTET).

The present main activities of WFCP are its global Congress, which is held every two years and organised and hosted by a member organisation. Members also connect through policy-focused Affinity Groups, through communication, such as The Dispatch, and at conferences around the world.

WFCP is committed to promoting the place of PTET for economic and social development. Collaboration across the membership is committed to improving the standard of delivery in all countries. Highly effective PTET is the common ingredient in all economies for driving economic growth, which also enables graduates to share in the benefit of that growth through secure jobs and entrepreneurship.

Professional and technical education and training (PTET) generally covers post-secondary education across the world. Its focus is on preparing people of all ages to contribute to their local, regional and national economies. Global organisations that deliver PTET are sometimes called community or further education colleges, polytechnics, career and technical education, vocational education programs and higher education programs.

The Environment

This strategic plan is formed at a pivotal point in recent world history. All countries are dealing with the spread of COVID-19, which has profound health and economic impacts in many countries.

The social isolation that has been needed to limit the spread of the coronavirus has had major impacts on economic activity within countries and is hampering global trade. As countries take steps to rebuild economic activity over the period of this strategic plan, PTET will be a major intervention. In addition to its core functions of preparing citizens for work, business ownership and higher-level learning, members of WFCP will have key roles to help citizens re-engage in mainstream economic activity. PTET will also be used to rebuild communities disrupted economically by the virus and is the major intervention to help disadvantaged cohorts of society build their agency.

The Times Call for Action

WFCP aims for all students to reach their dreams through high-quality PTET. The Federation seeks to reach out to those who need support to start their learning journey. The Sustainable Development Goals are signposts to guide the work of WFCP.

The Federation works with governments, industry and society at large to guide learners to participate successfully in the mainstream economy and reach fulfilment and well-being to be the future leaders of their community.

Members of the WFCP commit to supporting other members, especially those seeking to advance their practice in TVET.

WFCP also wishes to expand its reach through increased members from across the globe.

2020 – 2022 Strategic Plan

Vision To be the Principal International Network for Colleges, Institutes and Polytechnics.
Mission Providing leadership in professional and technical education and training for the global economy.

WFCP’s mission is based on the fundamental principles for which every member should stand:

  • Students’ success and access to education are the members’ core principles;
  • Respect for divergent opinion and freedom from political interference;
  • Colleges, Institutes and Polytechnics are dedicated to the well-being and development of individuals, communities and nations, and fostering international cooperation;
  • Colleges, Institutes and Polytechnics support the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals, respect different cultures and seek to lift the economic success of the Indigenous peoples;
  • Colleges, Institutes and Polytechnics provide students with knowledge and competencies required to work, innovate and fully integrate into society;
  • Colleges, Institutes and Polytechnics integrate education with industry demands and reinforce citizenship;
  • Ecological conscience and respect for future generations.


A Grand Vision for PTET

  1. The value of PTET for economic, industry and community advancement needs to be communicated strongly by the WFCP.
  2. Active partnerships with governments, industry and the civil society improves the impact of PTET along with active employers which offer the platform for further learning.
  3. PTET has significant social impact and provides societies with resilient, skilled, and adaptable members, which is particularly needed in a COVID-19 context.

Lifelong and Online Learning

  1. Lifelong learning becomes even more important in a post-COVID world.
  2. The expected changes to job roles resulting from automation and digitisation are here now due to COVID-19.
  3. Connected learning may become the new approach to post-school learning and training, given the adaptations colleges and polytechnics have embarked on, balanced with the view that learning is a social activity.
  4. Accessibility to learning is critical to ensure all citizens, regardless of background, can succeed.

Connections Are Even More Important

  1. Globalisation – despite current upheavals – is here to stay, so we need to make sure we help all members educate to world-class standards.
  2. With online a new norm, there is the capacity to share resources and expertise, even create global standards.
  3. Engaging with industry is important to ensure learning is relevant to industry trends.

A Sustainable Federation

  1. WFCP can become the global voice on profession technical education and training.
  2. The Federation needs to continue to grow membership to draw more into high-quality education and productive exchanges.