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Articles and Theses of Interest

This library presents thesis an papers of interest to WFCP members and professional of the higher applied education system.

Members are encouraged to submit their resources here for publication on this site: http://wfcp.org/resources/submit-your-resource/


Ph.D. Status Title   of Thesis/Article
Dual Credit Programs, Transfer credits and   pathways
Whitaker,   ChristopherPresident,   Humber College 2011 The Impact of Dual Credit on College Access and   Participation: An Ontario Case Studyhttps://tspace.library.utoronto.ca/handle/1807/29641
Philpott-Skilton,   LindaDean, School of Environment and Natural   Resources, Fleming Collegelinda.skilton@flemingcollege.ca Completed 2013 High School/College Transitions: A Case Study   Examining the Impact of a Dual Credit Program at Fleming Collegehttps://tspace.library.utoronto.ca/handle/1807/35928
Borovolis, RenaProfessor, Liberal Arts & Science Humber   CollegeRena.Borovilos@humber.ca In progress – 2014 Case study of Dual Credit Students Performance at  Humber College
Khaja, AishaAdvisor, Ontario Ministry of Aboriginal Affairs 2013 Exploring the Evolution of Credit Transfer   Policy: Implications on the Role and Interplay between Colleges and   Universitieshttp://hdl.handle.net/1807/35559
Ellis, GaryProgram Head Justice Studies, The University of   Guelph Humbergary.ellis@guelphhumber.ca 2005 Inter-Institutional Collaboration in Ontario Higher   Education: A Case Study of the Diploma-Degree Justice Studies Program at the   University of Guelph-Humberhttp://library.calstate.edu/sanfrancisco/articles/record?id=FETCH-proquest_dll_9323679111
Human Resources Issues:
Gannon, GaryCollege: Durham College, Program   Coordinator and Professor, HRMgary.gannon@durhamcollege.ca Completed 2013 Human Resources Programming and Its Impact On Leadership Within   Governing Boards of Ontario Community Collegeshttp://hdl.handle.net/1807/43566
Cassiani, Alvina (Tesa)(Dean, Faculty of BusinessHumber College)Email: alvina.cassiani@humber.ca Completed 2013 The Impact of Degree-granting Requirements on Faculty Hiring   Policies and Practices: A Case Study of Ontario ITALs
Adamson, NanceyManager, Employee Engagement, Humber Collegenancey.adamson@humber.ca In progress – analysis and writing stage Millennial Employee’ Expectations of the   Workplace: A Case Study of Humber College
Rosenkrantz, OtteChair REB and Professor Centre for Academic   ExcellenceFranshaw College: Centre for   Academic Excellenceorosenkrantz@fanshawec.ca 2014 All in Good Time: The Evolving Role   of Faculty in Ontario Collegeshttp://hdl.handle.net/1807/43708
Dietze, Beverlie 2005 Beyond the Faculty Contract: Exploring Value-added   and Discretionary Work in Ontario’s Community Collegeshttp://cclp.mior.ca/files/8412/4673/8938/Dietze.pdf
Leadership and Organisational   Culture:
West-Moynes, MaryLynn(President, Georgian College) Completed 2012  A Study of   Organizational Culture in Ontario Colleges with High Student Satisfactionhttp://hdl.handle.net/1807/32848
 Kevin RamdasCollege: Humber College, Program Coordinator,   Wireless Telecommunications.Email: kevin.ramdas@humber.ca Close to completion A comparative study of three colleges that explores   how they have responded to new provincial legislation in Ontario on   degree-granting and greater autonomy, expansion of mission to include applied   research etc
 Heather Kelly EdD 2009  International Education:   The Construction of a ‘New’ Professionalism    (2009). This study included interviews with staff of both   college and university international student departments.http://hdl.handle.net/1807/19151
Anne Caroline CharlesCollege: Conestoga College   Institute of Technology and Advanced LearningEmail: acharles@conestogac.on.ca 2002 Policy   Windows and Changing Arrangements: An Analysis of the Policy Process Leading   to the Colleges of Applied Arts and Technology Acthttp://hdl.handle.net/1807/29681
Callahan, Maureen 2006 Achieving Government, Community and Institutional   Goals for Postsecondary Education through Measurement of Performancehttp://cclp.mior.ca/files/4612/4673/8940/Callahan.pdf
Ryder, TracyCollege: Associate Dean at Humber   CollegeEmail: tracy.ryder@humber.ca 2011 Accommodating the Ethno-cultural   Differences of Students: An Analysis of Ontario Community Collegeshttp://hdl.handle.net/1807/29939
Liz Erwin 2008 The Aboriginal Experience   at Community Colleges
Christa HindsCollege: Humber, Senior HR ConsultantEmail: christa.hinds@humber.ca Close to completion Aboriginal centres in Ontario Colleges
Olga Patricia Gaviria, PhD 2013 Inuit Self Determination and Post Secondary   Education: The Case of Nunavut and Greenland
Peters, Kersley Michael 2004 Black Students and Higher   Education: Dropping Out of Community Collegehttp://cclp.mior.ca/files/2712/4674/0733/Peters.pdf
Professions with a community college link
Jacqueline Limoges PhD 2007 The Hospital Work Experiences of New Nurses: Power   Relations and Resistance within the Professional Project of Caring This thesis included nurses who graduated from a   ‘caring curriculum’ in which Ontario colleges participate.
Moira Grant PhD 2004 Under the Microscope:   ‘Race,’ Gender and Medical Laboratory Science in Canada (2004).   This was an analysis of a national survey of MLTs, which is mostly a college-based   program in Canada.http://search.proquest.com//docview/305072260
Carol Eifert, (Ed.D, HEG) 2003 Rhetoric vs. Reality: Preceptorship in Nursing   Education in Ontario. This thesis compares university and college-trained   nursing graduates
as well as the texts describing their programs at a subset   of Ontario colleges and 
Cameron, Cherylyn 2003 The Lived Experience of Transfer Students in a   Collaborative Baccalaureate Nursing Program
Industry partnerships
Patterson, Dan 2005

Inter-organizational   Collaboration: The Case of College-Auto Industry Partnerships in Ontario



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