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World Federation of Colleges and Polytechnics

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Eligibility for full membership is open to:

  • Higher level colleges or polytechnics of further and/or higher education, including universities of Applied Sciences and Technology, and which have a primary vocational mission.
  • National and regional membership associations & societies of colleges and polytechnics.
  • Cross-national membership associations & societies of colleges and polytechnics.

Individual colleges and polytechnics seeking membership of the Federation must be nominated by their national or cross-national association wherever:

  • one exists and is a current member of the Federation.

Learn more about the types of membership available and associated costs. To become a member of the WFCP global network please fill out the application online.

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Members of the WFCP: belong to a dynamic network of global education leaders, become part of our WFCP online community, participate in our Affinity Groups, share best practices, profile their programs globally, and have access to member experience and expertise.

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