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LEIDO is a Dutch national network for people working in Colleges, Universities of Applied Sciences (public or privately financed), Knowledge Centres for VET, employers’ organizations and institutions involved in professional education, to provide them a platform for sharing experiences in issues like: Short Higher Education programs, Lifelong Learning and flexible learning pathways, Work-based Learning, Adult Education, Quality Assurance, Transfer and Permeability between VET and HE, Non-formal and Formal Education, and so on.

At the request of the Dutch government, LEIDO implementS Short Cycle Higher Education (SCHE) programs, which lead to an Associate degree in Higher Professional Education.
LEIDO is a partner in international networks and projects. It is a member of the Council of the European Association for Higher Education Institutions (EURASHE), a key player in the Bologna Process (the European Higher Education Area). Leido is cooperating with the University of Toledo in organizing study trips for European experts on SCHE to the USA and for PhD-students in Management and Education to Europe.

LEIDO is a private foundation, founded in 1999. It is non-subsidized and is in that way independent of the government. The income is generated from projects, conferences, workshops and other activities.


  • Role of Short Higher Education (SHE) programs (like Associate degree programs) in the transfer to a (professional) Bachelor program of a University, and the permeability between Vocational Education and Training (VET) and Higher Education (HE).
  • Cooperation with employers for updating SHE programs.
  • Organizing study trips, seminars and workshops for managers of Colleges in Europe and the USA, to learn more about the role of Colleges and Polytechnics in lifelong learning (adult education).
  • Work-based learning and programs combining ‘work and study’.
    SHE programs and quality assurance.


Name: Hans Daale
Email: info@leido.nl

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