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The Council of Community Colleges of Jamaica

The Council of Community Colleges of Jamaica (CCCJ) is a statutory agency under the Ministry of Education Youth and Information, formed by an Act of Parliament, which was passed in December 2001, to supervise and coordinate the work of Community Colleges in Jamaica. The Council comprises members of the Colleges, representatives from other sectors of the tertiary and secondary education system, as well as members of business and industry. There are five Community Colleges and three Mutli-disciplinary colleges, offering various types and levels of education and training. There is also established partnership with community colleges outside of Jamaica, to include, Anguilla, Turks & Caicos Islands and Bahamas.

Currently enrolment is approximately 7,000 students in the following programmes:

Associate Degree

Bachelor’s Degree

Applied Computer Studies Business Studies
Applied Science in Electronic Technology Hospitality and Tourism Management
Applied Science in Engineering Management Information Systems
Applied Science in Plumbing Service and Technology Environmental Studies
Architectural and Construction Technology
Automotive Repairs in Engineering Technology
Business Studies
Clothing & Fashion
Computer Servicing and Electronics
Computer Applications and Business Studies
Criminal Justice
Electronics Engineering
Environmental Studies
Information Technology
Library Technical Studies
Logistics Management
Hospitality and Tourism Management
Management Information System
Performing Arts
Social Work

Our main areas of interest for partnership are Research on students’ attrition and retention; professional development for faculty /staff and to develop a research culture among faculty and students.

Name: Donna Powell Wilson PhD
Email: eo@cccj.edu.jm

Website: http://cccj.edu.jm/

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