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The meaning of the actions of the CERTIFIC program in labour activity: the perception of the workers

Thinking about the implementation of educational policies brings an emerging need for research on education and even more the need to identify what are the actors of these policies. This study aims to analyze the perception of workers about the meanings of actions CERTIFIC program on labor activity of the worker. We chose here to use a quantitative and qualitative analysis, using as a tool to semi – structured document analysis then interview the students of the program as a means of identifying the meanings of CERTIFIC program for working life of the employee on campus Fern profile construction to try We conclude that despite the high dropout CERTIFIC program served to workers who sought. The program brought important changes and additions to the working life of the employee giving them the certificate as proof of their professional skills , in addition to an expanded vision of knowledge that refer to the practice of making work to which they belong.

Universidade de Brasília
Faculdade de Educação

Full study (in Portuguese) available for download hereafter.

CERTIFIC – sinara seminario evasão

CERTIFIC – sinara

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